Journal of Rheumatic Diseases

Table. 3.

Correlation between ultrasound findings and clinical, laboratory, and radiographic variables

Variable Ultrasound findings

No. of synovitis No. of joint effusion No. of osteophytes
Age r=−0.119, p=0.343 r=0.040, p=0.748 r=0.301, p=0.014
BMI r=−0.229, p=0.114 r=0.015, p=0.920 r=0.098, p=0.502
Symptom duration r=−0.030, p=0.810 r=0.086, p=0.490 r=0.302, p=0.014
ESR r=−0.047, p=0.706 r=−0.106, p=0.397 r=0.008, p=0.951
CRP r=−0.165, p=0.184 r=−0.117, p=0.351 r=0.080, p=0.522
FIHOA r=0.065, p=0.604 r=0.078, p=0.534 r=0.048, p=0.704
Grip strength r=−0.163, p=0.604 r=−0.241, p=0.051 r=−0.290, p=0.018
Pinch strength r=−0.030, p=0.191 r=−0.127, p=0.311 r=−0.189, p=0.130
Patient VAS r=0.102, p=0.415 r=0.045, p=0.719 r=0.122, p=0.328
Total radiographic score r=0.260, p=0.035 r=0.453, p<0.001 r=0.601, p<0.001
Number of affected joints r=0.201, p=0.106 r=0.462, p<0.001 r=0.592, p<0.001

Data were described as correlation coefficient (r). BMI: body mass index, ESR: erythrocyte sedimentation rate, CRP: C-reactive protein, FIHOA: Functional Index for Hand Osteoarthritis, VAS: visual analogue scale.

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