Journal of Rheumatic Diseases

Table. 1.

Compositions of variables of NHIS data

Qualification Statement (T20) Treatment details (T30) Disease type (T40) Details of prescription (T60)
Sex Start date of medical care Start date of medical care Start date of medical care Start date of medical care
Age (year of birth) Medical subject code Medication Medical subject code Medication
Location Principle diagnosis Dosage and frequency Principle diagnosis Dosage
Type of subscription 1st to 4th additional diagnosis Cost of medication Additional diagnosis Days of administration
Income rank Hospitalization route In-hospital administration of medicine Rule out Cost of medication
Disability Official injury Medical expense code (procedure included)
Death (date of death) Perform surgery
Days to visit
Hospitalization days
Prescription days
Treatment results
Medical institution
Medical expenses
Special symbol (DRG, ICBP code, etc.)

NHIS: National Health Insurance System, DRG: diagnosis-related group, ICBP: Individual Copayment Beneficiaries Program.

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