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Fig. 2. (A) When the cut-offs of mBMI for all-cause mortality were obtained using the ROC curve (area 0.702, 95% CI 0.598~0.807), mBMI of 570.1 was chosen for the optimal one due to the maximised sum of sensitivity and specificity. All-cause mortality was identified more frequently in AAV patients with mBMI ≤570.1 kg · g/m2 · L than those without. (B) Furthermore, AAV patients with mBMI ≤570.1 kg · g/m2 · L exhibited a significantly higher risk for all-cause mortality than those without. mBMI: modified body mass index, ROC: the receiver operator characteristic, CI: confidence interval, AAV: ANCA-associated vasculitis, ANCA: antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody, RR: relative risk.
J Rheum Dis 2022;29:154~161
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