Journal of Rheumatic Diseases

Table. 3.

DMARDs right after cancer diagnosis in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Changes in DMARDs prescription patterns Prescribed DMARDs
Discontinuation (n=13)* -
Switching (n=14) Monotherapy (n=8) MTX (n=3), HCQ (n=4), SSZ (n=1)
Combination (n=6) MTX+HCQ (n=1)
SSZ+HCQ (n=4)
LEF+TC+HCQ (n=1)
Maintenance (n=13) Monotherapy (n=4) MTX (n=3), SSZ (n=1)
Combination (n=7) MTX+SSZ+HCQ (n=1)
MTX+BL+MR (n=1)
SSZ+HCQ (n=1)
LEF+BL+HCQ (n=1)
Biologics (n=2) ETA (n=1), TCZ (n=1)

DMARDs: disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs, MTX: methotrexate, HCQ: hydroxychloroquine, SSZ: sulfasalazine, TC: tacrolimus, LEF: leflunomide, BL: bucillamine, MR: mizoribine, ETA: etanercept, TCZ: tocilizumab. *Four in the surgery only group (4/21, 19.0%), nine in the chemotherapy group (9/19, 47.4%) (p<0.05). †Patient with stage II colon cancer. ‡Patient with stage I bladder cancer.

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